Ethnobotany - Fall 2019


Prior to Week 1.

Assignment Zero.

The Use of Mastic in Greek Medicine.

The Story of Skywoman (


Sky Woman on the Turtle. (Photo Credit: Mon Canada)


Week 1. Introduction


Goal 3 Rubric.

Homework 1.

Homework 1 illustration. (Increase size to about 200% for best readability.)

The Case Against Cutting Class (includes links to comments).

Introductory Powerpoint (saved as pdf).


Week 2. Origins of Agriculture

Notes for part 1: Wheat.

Powerpoint as pdf for part 1: Wheat.

Homework 2: Maize. (docx)

Article for Homework 2: Cahokia.

New Life for Old Wheat (pdf).

Plant of the week: Jewelweed.



Week 3. Origins of Agriculture continued.

Maize Notes.

Maize powerpoint as pdf.

Piki bread videos

1) (6 minutes)

2) (3 minutes)


Week 3/4: Swidden Fallow (continued), Feasting Group Discussion, and PowerPoint in the Library on Friday.

Homework and Readings for the Feasting Discussion on Monday.

Assignment including homework

Feasting Studies, everybody reads this.

Sio Shalako, only the Hopi/Navajo group reads this.

Swidden Fallow Notes.

Swidden Fallow powerpoint as pdf.

Friday is in Room 243 Library


Mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris) (photo:

Mugwort (powerpoint as pdf)


Week 5

Rubber PowerPoint (as pdf)

Rubber Notes. (pdf)


Feverfew (illustration: Botanical Interests)

Feverfew (pptx as pdf)

Potato Assignment and Readings for Monday October 7.

Assignment Sheet. Includes homework on page 2.

The Potato by Ugent (unmarked version)

The Potato by Ugent (with parts you don't have to read blocked out)

Ethnoclimatology (only for the Andes group)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (pptx as pdf)


Week 6.

Ghost Plant

Monotropa uniflora (pptx as pdf)

Chipko (pptx as pdf)

Chipko Notes (pdf)

Exam Material

Exam Preparation Instructions

Exam Article


Week 7

Native American Ethnobotany - Great Lakes (pptx as pdf)

Native American Ethnobotany - Arizona and British Columbia (pptx as pdf)


Week 8

No class on Monday

Shaker Homework

Shaker Notes

Shaker Powerpoint (pptx as pdf)

vodka bottle

Bison Grass Vodka (photo:

Aztec Tobacco and Sweetgrass (pptx as pdf)