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Some data are more often available through the state government agencies than they are through national sources. They may also be available by contacting local sources. It is often worthwhile to search state agencies or to contact agencies directly. State officials often have data that they are happy to share but the data are not placed on the web because it is not frequently accessed or requested.
Other information you may wish to gather includes:

Distance to airport, number of airlines and number of flights.

A list of medical facilities, number of doctors, average length of tenure for local doctors, distance to regional hospital.

A list of recreational amenities, e.g. parks, bowling alleys, movie theaters.

A list of local social organizations, e.g. Elks, VFW, bowling leagues, church groups,

How large is each group?
How much overlap in membership exists among the groups?

A list of local charities and religious organizations.

A list of local business organizations (includes some overlap with social organizations): Chamber of Commerce.  Development authorities.

Local school system. Size, number of grades, enrollment trends.

Local Library.  What programs does it offer?

Are there local colleges or universities? How do they work with the local community?

What social service agencies are located locally?

What services are available to seniors, e.g. senior transportation?

What are the local media outlets?

Other places to look for information.


Do a search of your town or county name.

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